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At least you got Best Pakistani & Indian Web Radio Station where you can Apply for RJ and enhance your talent by doing live shows and gain a lot of fans. Yes, this is the only one place where you can get the vast experience of best communication skills

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What in RJ (Radio Jockey)?

A person who hosts a talk show on radio is called RJ/Radio Jockey. In Pakistan & India A Radio presenter commonly known as RJ but in America & Europe it’s also called DJ/Disc Jockey

In the age of youngsters, every student and educated girl and boy want to apply for RJ at best Pakistani web radio station. But, they always look for the neat and clean audience during their live shows.

The most significant thing which is the main reason of popularity of Web radio is that anyone can listen by just accessing the Website, no matter where the part of the world he/she is sitting. You can kill your free time also, and it will remove your any tensions of daily life.

You will feel very high when everyone listens to you in all over the world. I think that moment will be the best moment in your life. So, don’t overthink scroll down and look for Apply for Radio jockey form and Apply for RJ or DJ right now.

If you want to become famous as RJ, you can apply for RJ or DJ. If you have an excellent voice and want to become famous as RJ on ChatsDosti live FM web radio you can ask for radio jockey or disc jockey.

ChatsDosti.Com is providing you a chance to be the best RJ on Asian best family chat room. Specially Users are here in Chat rooms from Pakistan, India, and the UK.

Apply for RJ at Best Pakistani Web Radio

Our Free FM web radio is providing you a great chance to enlarge your talent in front of all the people,

if you think you have a great voice to attract the people towards you to gain charisma,

If you are full of energy! Have exceptional communication skills,

interest in music,

looking to gain some exposure into the media and advertising industry and hold a degree then you are eligible to Apply for RJ at Chats Dosti web Radio Station so you can give us an audition.

To enhance your talent, we will provide you 1-week training to make you the best of the best RJ.

Note: This is web Radio & you can host your shows from anywhere, you need a laptop installed SAM broadcaster (Used for host your shows) on it with our Radio settings, Headphones with Mic and Internet with minimum 1 Mbps speed. Just fill all blank boxes given in below form we will contact you ASAP for an audition.

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